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In the primary grades, St. Josaphat students continue to develop in all major academic areas. Using small group instruction, students develop as readers through a guided reading framework and engage in comprehension instruction using appropriate literature. Students continue to receive instruction in phonics and word building skills to build their foundation of reading. First and second grade students learn to write a variety of different genres, including poetry and informational texts.

First and second grade students use Everyday Math, a curriculum
developed by the University of Chicago, to learn math concepts. Students learn
various problem solving skills, as well as build upon fact fluency. Students
learn skills to solve real life mathematical situations and to explain their
thinking through discussion and written explanation. Reading and math support
is available to all primary students.
Primary Grade Highlights
  • First grade: Students hatch eggs in the classroom using incubators as part of their study of life cycles.
  • Second grade: Students celebrate First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
  • Second grade: Students host a Poetry Cafe for their parents.