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Junior High

We are very proud of the rigorous curriculum provided to the junior high students in 5th through 8th grade. Our language arts and reading instruction is combined in an ELA block. Each grade focuses on different writing units, and within each writing unit, students practice various skills to enhance their grammar, fluency, and word choice. While participating in class read alouds and literature circles, students learn active reading strategies, literary elements, and tools to analyze the texts. Students apply what they learn in class as they read independently.

Our math curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards, and our science curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. In 5th and 6th grade, students use the Everyday Math curriculum, while 7th and 8th grade students use Larson Pre-Algebra and Algebra textbooks. Through the Science Education for Public Understanding Program (SEPUP), students gain an understanding of earth, life and physical sciences through hands-on labs and activities.

Our junior high students apply critical thinking skills as they study other cultures and languages. Students in 5th and 8th grades learn about United States history, 6th grade focuses on ancient civilizations, and 7th grade studies Medieval and early modern times. Students use a combination of primary sources, readings from the texts, and current events to connect events of the past with what is happening in our world today. Prior to 5th grade students are introduced to both French and Spanish. Students will choose a focus in French or Spanish beginning in 5th grade and will continue through 8th grade.

In religion, students learn about sacraments, scripture, and morality. They also plan and prepare to lead the weekly all-school Masses.

Junior High Highlights
  • Departmentalized instruction
  • 1:1 iPad program for 6th-8th grade 
  • Camp MacLean for 5th-7th grade
  • Washington D.C. trip for 8th grade
  • Variety of extracurriculars and athletics