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A robust offering of specials classes allows our students opportunities to pursue their interests and develop important skills. Our specials teachers collaborate with other teachers to create cross-curricular, integrated projects.
Foreign Language Curriculum
Spanish: early childhood (half the year), 1st, 3rd, and junior high

French: early childhood (half the year), 2nd, 4th, and junior high

Instruction includes the development of the four language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as a study of cultures.

Physical Education Curriculum
Elementary and intermediate: Learn and play many different games while practicing positive social interaction and following rules and directions.

Junior high: Sports units include skill acquisition, promotion of fitness within the sport, decision making, and safe social interaction.

Art Curriculum
Students engage in creating artwork using a variety of media.

Students develop skills that address art expression, art knowledge, art criticism and visual literacy.

Students gain a historical perspective by studying contributions that artists have made. 

Music Curriculum
Curriculum focuses on our students developing musical skills and fostering a lifelong music appreciation.
All of our students will perform in two large concerts: the Christmas show and the spring show.

Early childhood and elementary: Students develop singing voices, learn dances, develop a steady beat, and play various instruments, such as the xylophone, recorder and drums.

Intermediate and junior high: Students play multiple instruments, develop vocal technique, increase music theory comprehension, and sharpen their performance skills. 

STEM Curriculum
Students develop and apply knowledge about computers and iPads.

Students improve their web literacy, work with media software and practice troubleshooting procedures.

Student become responsible digital citizens while staying up-to-date with technology news around the world.

Library Curriculum
Students in PK3-4th grade visit the library weekly during the school year.

Lesson in the library include how to find a good fit book, research a topic using a variety of texts, study an author’s works, identify a variety of genres and navigate a nonfiction section organized by Dewey Decimal.

Students will have the opportunity to borrow materials from the library and will learn to be responsible in caring for borrowed materials.