Excellence Happens on Purpose: New Teacher Induction Program

At St. Josaphat School, we are grateful to have excellent teachers joining our faculty. We recognize, that even experienced, talented teachers face challenges when joining a new school community. Therefore, we have strengthened our new teacher induction program to include multiple layers of support.

Before the school year began, all new teachers participated in an orientation. Led by the administrative team, the orientation ranged from an introduction to our school’s root beliefs and patron saint to a workshop on how to use instructional technology. 

All new teachers are paired with a veteran SJS teacher as a mentor. Besides working together in the initial orientation meeting, the mentor meets with the new teacher regularly to review school procedures and routines, preview upcoming special events, and discuss any concerns. Our mentors meet once a month to share their questions and best practices with one another.

Another important relationship in our new teacher induction program is the one with Ms. Bruce, one of our instructional coaches. New teachers meet with Ms. Bruce to discuss their instructional goals. Some might be working on classroom management strategies, others might be growing in their use of assessments to inform instruction, or developing more rigorous questioning and discussion strategies. Besides meeting to discuss goals and strategies, Ms. Bruce joins the teachers in their classrooms to support them as they implement new strategies.