Faith Life » Overview


At St. Josaphat School we are committed to helping our students grow in their knowledge of the Catholic faith, develop a personal relationship with God, and participate in the life of the Church through prayer and service. Religion class, daily prayer and weekly Mass, the celebration of the sacraments, and service projects are vital components of the SJS curriculum.

In early childhood grades, students learn about stories of God’s love and how God asks us to share that love with others. In primary grades, students begin to plan and prepare the weekly all-school Masses. In intermediate grades, students study the lives of the saints and learn valuable lessons through Bible stories. In junior high, students learn more about the celebration of the sacraments, as well as the stories of the Old Testament. Junior high students reflect on the Sunday Gospel message, take a greater leadership role in school liturgy, and participate in required service projects.

  • PreK-4 through eighth grade attend weekly Mass with prayer buddies.
  • Second Grade: Reconciliation and First Communion
  • Eighth Grade: Confirmation
  • Faith-Filled Fridays: Student leaders share reflections from the Gospel, lead their peers in prayer, and ignite school spirit and community.