Tuition & Financial Assistance

St. Josaphat School Tuition Fees 2022-2023


Kindergarten- 8th Grade Tuition


Number of Children

*Parishioner Tuition

Non-Parishioner Tuition

1st Child



2nd Child



3rd Child 





Multi-child Discount- Remains constant at $1,750 per each additional child with parishioner status


Annual Giving Contributions- Families may elect to include some of their annual giving in their contract, thereby having it spread over the course of the year. These contributions will support the select programs and will be included in the family's annual statement of giving.






PreK3 Tuition (Half Day)



5 Day

3 Day 

Per Child




PreK4 Tuition (Full Day)



5 Day

3 Day

Per Child




Fees  All fees are mandatory and non-refundable

Re-Registration: $150 per child for returning families, due at time of annual registration in January

Application Fee: $150 per child (for all children new to the school)

New Family Registration: (For accepted families) $1,000 per family

New Sibling Registration Fee for Current Families: $500 registration fee

Volunteerism: minimum of 20 hours per family accrued through events directly related to or benefiting the school OR pay a $1,000 buyout. If you choose the buyout it will be added to your tuition contract. 

Financial Assistance: Tuition assistance is available through several grant and scholarship organizations.  Please contact Rayah Abdullah at [email protected] for assistance.

**An active parish family is defined as being registered with St. Josaphat for one year or longer and contributing time, talent, and treasure. These contributions are understood as attending Mass each weekend with your children, volunteering to the ministries of the parish, and contributing a minimum of  $1,200 annually to the financial support of St. Josaphat Parish. 

Note: Financial assistance is offered to students in grades K-8. In order to be considered for financial assistance, families must be active parishioners.