Academics » Junior High (5th-8th Grades)

Junior High (5th-8th Grades)

By the end of junior high our students have been surrounded by a rich learning community that enlightens their spiritual development, empowers them to take on new challenges, and enables students to excel in their endeavors as they go on to high school.

Junior high provides students with a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum. Departmentalized instruction begins in which students change classes throughout the day. Each grade focuses on writing, and students practice skills to enhance grammar, fluency, and word choice. The math curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards, and the science curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Through the Science education for Public Understanding (SEPUP), students gain an understanding of earth, life and physical sciences through hands-on labs. In religion, students learn about sacrament, scripture and morality.

Junior High Highlights
Curriculum includes:  
  • Lucy Calkins Writing
  • Language Arts
  • Everyday Math (5th & 6th grade)
  • Pre-algebra & Algebra (7th & 8th grade)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Religion
Weekly specials classes include:  
  • Gym
  • Art
  • STEM
  • Music
  • Spanish
Additional highlights:
  • 1:1 iPad program for 6th-8th grade 
  • Camp MacLean for 5th-7th grade
  • Washington D.C. trip for 8th grade
  • Plan and prepare to lead the weekly all-school Masses.
  • Variety of extracurriculars and athletics