Academics » Early Childhood (PreK-3-Kindergarten)

Early Childhood (PreK-3-Kindergarten)

Early Childhood:

St. Josaphat School's early childhood classes are play-based with hands-on learning. Our students thrive in an environment of enlightened learners. The day is structured around routine that encourages students to explore, problem solve, create, and participate in both large and small groups. Having a low student-teacher ratio enables us to work with each child individually, bringing out the best in every child.

Early Childhood Highlights

  • Teacher and teacher’s aide in every classroom
  • Hands-on learning through play
  • Curriculum includes:  Learning Without Tears, Heggerty Phonics, language arts, writing, math, science, social studies and religion. 
  • PreK-4 & Kindergarten weekly specials classes include:
    • Gym (beginning in K)
    • Art
    • STEM
    • Music
    • Spanish
  • Kindergarteners attend mass weekly with their upper-grade prayer buddies.


Half & Full Day Options

  • PreK-3 half-day options: 3 and 5 day
  • PreK-3 full-day option: 3 and 5 day
  • PreK-4 full-day options: 3 and 5 day
  • Kindergarten: 5 full day