Below are some of the questions we often hear from prospective parents who are considering St. Josaphat School. We hope that if you have a specific question you will email our Admissions Office or call us at (773) 549-0909.


What are the hours of the school day?
Half Day Pre-K 3
7:45 am-11:50 am
Full Day Pre-K-Second Grade
7:45 am - 2:50 pm
Third - Eighth Grade

7:45 am - 3:00 pm


What is the average class size?

St. Josaphat School prides itself in having a low student to teacher ratio of 10 to 1 in our early childhood classes. Children in Pre-K3 –Kindergarten will also have a teacher’s aid. A departmentalized structure is used for Grades 5 – 8 students, with teachers specializing in specific subjects. St. Josaphat has a support staff who provide academic, social and emotional support.

What are the days that Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 are offered?
Pre-K 3 Half Day 

5 days a week 


7:45 am-11:50 am 

*Extended Day Program option offered until 2:45 PM


3 days a week 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

7:45 am-11:50 am 


Pre-K4 Full Day
5 days a week
7:45 am-2:50 pm
3 days a week
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
7:45 am-2:50 pm
Does St. Josaphat offer an Extended Day Program (EDP)?
*St. Josaphat offers an extended days program for Pre-K3 students. This program is scheduled from 11:50 AM to 2:50 PM and is offered for both 3 day and 5 day options. Pre-K3 students will receive a lunchtime, rest time, and afternoon activities with an St. Josaphat staff member.
St. Josaphat offers a before and after school program to aid parents. The program is scheduled from 7-8:00 AM before school and from 3-6:00 PM after school. The Extended Day Program is available beginning in Pre-K4.

What is the volunteer commitment?
Families must volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per family through events directly related to or benefitting the school OR pay $1000 buyout.


When are applications due?
Applications will be available on the school website beginning November 1. The deadline for applications is January 16th. Thereafter, applications will be accepted, but priority is given to applications received by the January 16th deadline.

What is the required age?
Illinois State Laws will be upheld. Children must be of the following age by September 1:
PreK-3 – 3 years
Pre-K-4 – 4 years
Kindergarten – 5 years

When are new families notified they have been accepted?
Acceptances will be emailed to families by early-February. After January 16th, applications for new students enrolling will be reviewed and accepted on a first-come basis until all classrooms are full. Applicants may be added to the waiting list as appropriate.

Do you need to be a parishioner to be accepted?
Parishioners are given priority in enrollment, however, St Josaphat School encourages all interested families to submit an application.

Does St. Josaphat School offer financial aid?
Financial Aid is available for families and is awarded based on need. Information regarding Financial Aid is available during the application process for grades K-8. In order to be considered for financial assistance, families must be active parishioners.

Student Life

Do students wear uniforms?
Children in Pre-K4-8th Grade will wear a uniform everyday to school. All uniforms are purchased through Lands End. Each spring, the PTO hosts a sale for used uniforms.

Does St. Josaphat offer a lunch program?
Yes. St. Josaphat School has a contract with Healthy Kids Kitchen to provide healthy lunches for our students for a fee ranging from $5.95 to $6.95 per meal. Families order lunches from a varied menu one month in advance, and have the option to receive lunch on specific dates or for the entire month. Students may bring a prepared lunch from home.

Do children in Pre-K take naps?
Yes. Naps are encouraged in Pre-K4 and Kindergarten. If children are unable to nap they may spend some quiet time on their sleep mats.

Do children eat snacks?
Pre-K and Kindergarten students eat snack each morning provided by St. Josaphat. First through third grade students are allowed to pack a snack for themselves to have each morning.

What is your allergy policy?
Pre-K-Kindergarten students eat morning snack and lunch in their classrooms daily. Nuts are prohibited in classrooms where an allergy has been identified. First- 8th Grade students eat lunch in the gym. Several tables in the gym are designated as nut-free zones.