Donate to the SJS Bonus Fund!

November 2020

Dear Parents,                                                                               

It is hard to believe the holidays are quickly approaching, and Christmas will soon be here!

Our teachers and staff have always been essential to our children’s education and wellbeing, but this year has certainly given us all a renewed perspective and appreciation of how important they are. Our teachers and staff have been tasked with doing more than ever. They have demonstrated flexibility, grace and compassion as they navigate in-person full-time class instruction, e-learning, and countless new protocols. At the time of this writing, St Josaphat School has been open for 11 weeks – what a huge accomplishment!

Watch this VIDEO and see what happens on a daily basis!

We ask you to consider donating to the St. Josaphat Bonus Fund, which provides meaningful extra income to our hard-working teachers and staff. Please reflect on the many gifts the faculty and staff of St. Josaphat School share to make our school successful. The average salary of an SJS teacher is $34,000 per year; salaries are determined based on the Archdiocese pay scales. Many of our teachers and staff depend on supplemental sources of income that are no longer available as a result of the pandemic – coaching, tutoring and teaching enrichment.  

This year, our goal is to meet or exceed the $130,000 we raised for the fund last school year. This amount included $30,000 from Breakfast with Santa and Santa’s Gift Shop, two PTO events we are unable to hold. While the PTO is committed to raising money for the fund in new ways, it will be hard to make up for the loss of those two popular events. We are hoping we can meet our goal through your generosity.

The St. Josaphat Bonus Fund is designed to thank all of our teachers and staff equally for all that they do for our children every day. We ask in lieu of individual teacher gifts that you contribute directly to the St. Josaphat Bonus Fund.

We have included a FAQ on the following page with further information.

Please take time to reflect on what is best for your family with regards to your St. Josaphat Bonus Fund contribution. We know that for many, these times may be financially challenging. Any contribution at all is appreciated, and all donations are tax deductible.

Donate to the St. Josaphat Bonus fund HERE. 

God bless you and your families this Christmas,


Molly Korsch                                        John Marafino
PTO President                                     School Board President



St Josaphat Bonus Fund F.A.Q.


What is the St. Josaphat Bonus Fund?  The St. Josaphat Bonus Fund enables families to contribute to the semi-annual bonuses for faculty and staff. It is paid out twice a year: at Christmas and Easter. 

The Christmas bonus will be funded in the following ways:

  • Cash and checks collected through the ​red envelope attached
  • Donations made ​online to the school website until December 4th
  • Various PTO Fundraisers (e.g., Charleston Wrap, ornament sale)


The Easter bonus will be funded with all online donations made between mid-December and April, and money collected through the ​blue envelopes​​ sent home in March.   


Who contributes towards the St. Josaphat Bonus Fund and how do they contribute? SJS parents do! Attached to this letter is a red envelope for you to make a cash or check contribution. You will receive a blue envelope before Easter. You can also contribute online on the St. Josaphat School website under the “Support SJS” tab. We would like to maximize the amount given to the fund and encourage donations to be made via check to avoid credit card/transaction fees. 

All donations are tax deductible and will appear on your year-end giving statement from the parish.


Who collects the St. Josaphat Bonus Fund contributions? Please return your sealed red envelope via your child’s backpack/yellow folder. Make checks out to “St. Josaphat School”. A select number of parish staff sees the contributions made by each family. No school parent will see the monetary amounts. Faculty and staff will be notified of the names of the families that donate to the fund at both Christmas and Easter, but will not be informed of the amounts donated. Please return by Friday, December 4th.


What is the suggested donation? This is a personal family decision, especially this year with all economic uncertainty. Donations of ANY amount are appreciated.