Congratulations Class of 2019!

The Class of 2019 graduated on Sunday, June 2nd.  We are so proud of all of their accomplishments.  As Fr. Bitterman so eloquently mentioned in his homily, they will always have a home at St. Josaphat so please visit often!
Nathan Affolter - Whitney Young, Considering options
Sean Anderson - Walter Payton, Maybe Business
John Astorina - DePaul, Auto Racing
Jake Baskin - DePaul, Making Music
Gemma Cascarano - St. Ignatius, Broadway!
John Ceravolo - DePaul, Architecture
Grace Collins - St. Ignatius, Maybe Business
Colin Corum - St Rita, Chef, Doctor or Athlete
Colin DeJesus - DePaul, Veterinarian
Danny De La Torre - DePaul, Business
Irene Drapszo - St. Ignatius, Music or Theatre
Luka Dzakovic - DePaul, Tech
Olyvia Flanders - DePaul, Medicine
Maddie French - St. Ignatius, Coding Games/Graphic Design
Aidan Gibbs - Loyola, Real Estate Owner/Broker
Breanna Gonzalez - DePaul, Law
Charley Grant - DePaul, Considering options
Logan Holland - DePaul, Considering options
Jack Hoste - DePaul, Film Maker/Director
Ty Koran - DePaul, Considering options
Sam Kulisek - Fenwick, Sales or Restaurateur
Hailey Luick - St. Ignatius, Considering options
Ella Meyer - DePaul, Helping Others
Sophie Meyer - St. Ignatius, Considering options
Natalie Milkie - Jones, Considering options
Lucy Miller - St. Ignatius, Consulting
Cameron Pukala - DePaul, WNBA, Actress, or Engineer
Beau Ryan - Walter Payton, Considering options
Gregg Rzepczynski - DePaul, Law
Holden Seuring - DePaul, Finance or Business
Simon Svoboda - Loyola, Coaching
Ethan Turek - Walter Payton, Business or Science
Anabella vanKempen - St. Ignatius, Pediatrician
Max Vesprini - Whitney Young, Law
Declan Worrell - DePaul, Business, Investing