St. Josaphat Wins Triple Crown

St Josaphat captured the “Triple Crown” this year.   Three Archdiocesan Awards!
Heart of Excellence-Mr. Sean Eshagy: This award is given to teachers who foster the highest quality teaching and learning in their classrooms. Through rigorous 21st century instruction, awardees demonstrate an ability to motivate each student to reach his or her greatest academic potential.
Civitate Dei Award-Principal Nel Mullens:  This award is given to principals who best exemplify the concept of Christian community. Awardees build collaborative communities between school leaders and are unafraid to solicit or share ideas to help build the City of God (Civitate Dei).
Heart of the Shepherd-Fr. Francis Bitterman: Leadership is essential in the success of any Catholic school. Our schools benefit from the involvement and dedication of the local parish pastor. The Heart of the Shepherd Award is given to school pastors who exemplify strong leadership and school support. Award winners are relentless advocates for their Catholic school, and work to ensure the school’s religious mission is vibrant and intentional. These pastors are physically present at the school, building relationship with students, parents, and staff members, working in tandem with the local principal. Most importantly, awardees are genuine reflections of the Catholic values represented by the school; through their passion, dedication, and care, they serve as exemplary role models for the school community.