Have You Met Lucy Calkins?

At St. Josaphat School, our teachers thoughtfully consider ways in which we can improve the quality of our instructional practices.  Each year, we analyze the standardized test data to determine curricular areas that need strengthening. While our standardized test scores have been strong in every content area, writing has been a relatively lower score.  As teachers dug more deeply into our writing curriculum, they discovered a need for greater cohesion in writing instruction across grade levels. And thus began our introduction to Lucy Calkins!

The Lucy Calkins curriculum emphasizes that writing is a process, and so students engage in writers’ workshops.  Students use the time in the workshop to get ideas on paper, revise their writing, and conference with their teacher.  And, units culminate with a celebration of each writer’s final product.

Named after the educator who created the curriculum, the Lucy Calkins writing curriculum provides our teachers with units of study, such as realistic fiction or research-based essays.  Given that the curriculum spans kindergarten through eighth grade, students are able to continue to develop their writing skills. We look forward to sharing the progress our students are

making with this new curriculum.